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            Illickal Kallu, located in Kottayam District, Kerala, India, measures approximately 4000-6000 ft. above sea level. Illicka Mala comprises three hills, each of the hills has a peculiar shape. One of them resembles a mushroom, which is known as Kuda Kallu (umbrella shaped rock). It is said that the medicinal herb Neela Koduveli grows here. This blue flower is believed to possess supernatural powers, which could increase wealth and ensure a rich harvest. The second hill, has a small hunch on the sides and is therefore referred to as Koonu Kallu (hunch back rock). Across this rock is a 1/2 ft. wide bridge called Narakapalam (bridge to hell). From the hilltops, the Arabian Sea can be seen in the distant horizon as a thin blue line.

           Illickan Mala hills is famous for its solitude, the quietude and the gentle breeze that blows there. There are many mountain streams originating from the peak of the Illickal Mala hills.

           If you wish to immerse in to the beauty of the nature and likes a little adventure and to spend some time in its joy, then this is the right place for you. Tourists must trek 3 km to reach the summit of the peak and also vehicles of all kind will reach here.

Place Details:

Name:  Illicka Kallu (ഇല്ലിക്കക്കല്ല്‌ )
Place: Kottayam Dist., Kerala.
Famous for: trekking, site seeing, greenery, breezing atmosphere etc.
Trekking Level: Easy
Entry Fees: NIL
Illickal Kallu Wesite:

How to Reach Illickal Kallu:

By Air: Cochin International Airport is the nearest Airport (89 KM).

By Train: Kottayam Railway Station is the nearest Railway station(56 KM).

By Bus:

   From Kottayam:

  •        Kottayam->Pala->Erattupetta->Moonilavu->Mankombu->Pazhukakaanam->Illikkal Kallu(Erattupetta to Illikkal Kallu -19.6 KM) or from Erattupetta via Erattupetta->Theekoy->Adukkam->Illikkal Kallu(Erattupetta to Illickal Kallu -18 KM)

   From Kochi:

  •        Kochi->Thodupuzha->Kalathukadavu(on the Way to Erattupetta)->Moonivalu->Mankombu->Pazhukakaanam->Illickal Kallu

Places to Visit Near Illickal Kallu:

  • Vagamon Meadows, Pine Forest.
  • llaveezhapoonjira
  • Ramakalmedu
  • Thangal Para
  • Parunthumpara
  • Naadukani View Point & much more…

*KM shown is approximate, may slightly vary in actual terms. *image credit © to Shibin Thomas. *Check out the malayalam version of this page here.

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