Thekkady Tourism: Boating at Periyar Lake Thekkady

Thekkady Tourism: Boating at Periyar Lake Thekkady

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The Periyar Lake Thekkady formed by the construction of the dam across the Mullaperiyar River in 1895, the lake harbors within itself a unique aquatic ecosystem. The numerous little islets in the lake are witness to the intricate inherent interrelationship among the terrestrial aquatic and subterranean life forms. A boat cruise on the Lake is perhaps the best way to watch the wildlife in the reserve.

Kerala Tourism Department(KTDC) jointly with Forest Department is conducting boating at Periyar lake/ Thekkady everyday for both domestic and international travelers.

Hoping you have gone through the Eco Tourism activities available at Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady, Idukki,

Thekkady Tourism: Boating at Periyar Lake Thekkady

The boating is almost  1.30 – 2 hours journey through the Periyar lake, clubbed inside the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Boating at Periyar Lake is one of the major attraction at Thekkady. If you are lucky,  you will get a unique experience of viewing wildlife at a closer distance from the boat.  The probable animals that you may see while boating are Bison, Gaur, Wild Elephants, Sambhar and a wide variety of birds.

Thekkady Boat Timing and Charges:

Entry Timing : 06.00 hrs – 18.00 hrs

Boating Time : 07.30, 09.30, 11.15, 13.45 and 15.30 hrs

Entry Pass : Adults : INR. 35.00 (Indian National)

Boating fee: INR. 225.00 per person.

Online Reservation charges : INR. 600.00 person

There is also an option for booking boat tickets via online  through the official booking portal: Its advisable to book tickets in advance during the peak seasons, during weekends and holiday time.

For any assistance, please contact :

Periyar Tiger Reserve Online Reservation Team
Tel : +91-4869–224627  / Email :
Periyar Tiger Conservation Foundation
East Division,Thekkady, Idukki, Kerala
24 hours helpline: +91 99 47 76 60 76
Tel: +91-486-922 45 71


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