a rainy journey at ottapalam

A Rainy Journey to Ottapalam

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Last Saturday Me n Sherin had gone for a friends marriage at Ottapalam, Palakkad. I’m happy that, our friend Danesh was also with us, as because his home town is at Ottapalam, we also planed to go to his home to have a break before going to the marriage.

Brought Gifts at the late on Friday, and reached the Chennai Central for the getting the Alapuzha Express at 8.45. to a place i haven’t gone in my life.

The journey in the train was memorized – few laughing moments, talks, talks…. had dinner and went to sleep late.

Reached there at Ottapalam at nearby 6.00am, It was raining out when we move out from the train, Danesh had umbrella with him, me too had taken the umbrella, only since i thought of repairing it’s broken leg. But it act as a miracle, so we escaped from the rain..

We ran through the platform for a while, like the children’s do when rain falls, crossed the platform, and reached the other side, and went to the reservation counter to check the timings for train to Thirupur, near Coimbatore, where Sherin had a invitation for a marriage of her friend . We found trains at 1.10, 1.50…..There we found Alan..the freak guy…whom i met during my life cycle. Both Danesh n Sherin know him earlier. He also had came for shyama’s marriage, with a bunch of girls.

I still remember the meeting up there, with Alan b coz, accidentally Sherin’s phone was dropped down, due to some extra ordinary actions from Alan..and the phone split-ed in to pieces….i ..2…3…But there was no problem,when i finally re assemble the phone. Said ta-ta to him and came out of the station…

We started waking to through the road…a mud one….to the bus stand..rain was still going on..and on. We reached the bus stand and found a bus to Danesh’s home. After a series of time, I have been seen small buses with no shutter, which rolled me back to memories…I don’t remember, which was the last time, where i have seen buses like this. Sherin n Danesh got seats to sit. Sherin was sitting in front alone n Danseh behind that, with another guy in his side seat.. I seriously think of sitting near Sherin, but finally dropped my plan, and stand at some what middle to the bus. You know i’m just 6. blah blah tall..:D. The bus started after 10mins, and i looked out the bus, for seeing up, what makes Ottapalam special.

Yep… Ottapalam, there is something special right there…the breezing effect of the climate and the silent nature, the sound of the birds, the hills-covered with snow..made me sick about that place…As you all know my place Kanjirapally, is the land for rubber. The nature there and here are entirely different.

Finally we got down at the place…..there was a big tree right near the road..with side wall…And i felt of taking photos. I just taken some snap shots..during the way to Danesh’s home. All the nature …a little silky rain had made me sick for Ottapalam…and is reminding me about visiting this place again n again..After a few minutes of walk n talk n snaps, we have reached his home….

Danesh’s family..I like his approach to his mother…all the conversations between then the way they express what they are….made me love them a lot..seriously i cant be like him…

Fresh’en up from there..and had breakfast from there..and finally it was time to move to the marriage reception. So we moved on, saying good bye…to Danesh’s family…

Rain was still on the way, while we walked to the bus stop. Had a wonderful conversation with Sherin n Danesh on the way. Finally reached the bus stop. After waiting for a while we got the bus to Ottapalam town….

I am here for only a while..but i will be here in my memories…and wish i could be here after again……

Oh yeah, yes…!!!, its raining out here….

rain rain come again…
have n umbrella on your left hand,
hold the other hand with your loved ones..
with a smile on your face,…
walk slowly though the rain…..
rain rain come again…

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